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          Looking for locally sourced music entertainment? You found it. Amped entertainment president and manager Diana Deming grew up in the Daytona area. After graduating from Spruce Creek high school she pursued a music degree at the University of North Texas. After Graduating with a a B.A. in music education, she began teaching in Texas and began her M.A. at southern methodist Univeristy. While teaching and attending grad school, Diana began to run Karaoke as a way to pay for her college degree. 

          In 2021 Diana returned to Florida and began her own music entertainment business, combining her skills as a performer, concert manager, and Karaoke host into a multi-faceted business. With her industry knowledge and experience planning, booking, performing, and managing concerts and events, she has created a succesful business that is ready to run any show you need.

          Diana has curated a high end selection of equipment to provide optimal sound quality at any location, and lighting with effects for larger scale events. Her experience running choral and orchestra programs in the public school systems provides the organization and time management skills essential for running and programming the musical aspects of weddings, banquets, and benefit concerts. After years of performing in multiple settings, she has a polished repetoire and the performance skills to bring live music to your event. Interested in booking for a recurring event at your bar or restaurant? Professional experience means punctual, appropriate, and well managed entertainment that you can count on, as well as consistent advertising online. 

          If you are looking for professional, insured, and licensed entertainment for any event or venue, Amped Entertainment has the skill to provide it. Support a local business, and a full time Music Educator, by booking for your next event. 

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